Zen Apartments — 805 S. Center Street, Arlington, TX

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805 S Center St, Arlington, TX 76010, USA
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At ZEN APARTMENTS we’re committed to doing our part to protect and preserve our environment. Our rehabilitation is done with an eco-friendly twist, from the floors to the paint, to the lights. We believe that rehabilitating apartments is the ideal way to promote green living because: It is the most efficient use of resources.


805 S. Center Street Arlington, TX 76010

Directions from Campus
We are located on S. Center Street directly across the street from The Green at College Park.

Floor Plans

The Aikido

625 sq ft
1 Bedroom
1 Bathroom
$759.00 per month

Call for pricing

Aikido is a grappling-style Japanese martial art. It is often translated as “the way of the harmonious spirit.” Practitioners aim to protect themselves without inflicting harm on their attackers. Aikido requires great skill and self-discipline.

The Samadhi

860 sq ft
2 Bedrooms
1.5 Bathrooms
$909.00 per month

Call for pricing
Samadhi, one who seeks the highest level of concentration and conciousness. The term’s etymology involves “sam” (together or integrated), “ā” (towards), and “dhā” (to get, to hold). Thus the result might be seen to be “to acquire integration or wholeness, or truth.”

Property Map