Decorating apartments or dorms in a pleasing manner is possible on a budget

By Carmina Tiscareño
The Shorthorn staff

Countless #goals for room decor live on the boards of Pinterest— but the cost of the room decor can be the opposite of #goals.

From the white minimalistic look with string lights and flowers to the more ornate rooms, home to bright colors and patterns, room decor may seem overwhelming and expensive but there are multiple ways to do it on a student budget.

Even on YouTube channels such as Bargain Bethany, who used to have a makeup channel, have converted to creating tutorials for affordable room decor projects.

On her channel plenty of tutorials such as “DOLLAR TREE VANITY DESK MARBLE AND SILVER” are proof that decor goals are attainable while on a budget.

Broadcast junior Paola Calvillo said she knew mint green was the color she wanted to play on for her room decor. In her small room, her white nightstand and vanity desk pair well with the mint green accents and her mint green plastic storage chest.

When looking for decor items, Calvillo said she looked for budget-friendly alternatives.

She said she began purchasing items for her room during her spring semester at community college and summer break before transferring to UTA. She said it’s smart to save up money and get items in increments.

“I did this a good couple months in advance just so I would space my purchases out, “ Calvillo said.

She found her decor and furniture items in multiple stores such as TJ Maxx, Walmart, Marshalls and Ross.

Calvillo said before any purchases are made, make sure to price check. Do some research, even online, and always price check items.

For anyone on a pretty low budget, Calvillo said using items already at home works, as well.

“I find that oftentimes you already have some decor items that just need a little upcycling and given a new life,” lifestyle blogger Marley Braunlich said in an email.

For example, Braulinch said redecorating old picture frames or baskets create new decor at no cost.

“I love to decorate my own dorm with the three Ps: pillows, photos and plants,” Braunlich said.

She said decorative pillows add instant color to plain dorm room frames.

“Photos will make you feel more at home and they are so affordable,” Braunlich said.

She said students can print them straight from their phones at stores such as Target.

Finally the last “P”: plants.  She said a fresh bouquet or plants always make a dorm look beautiful. For a longer lasting option, Braunlich said a dried up bouquet gives a similar effect.

“Don’t get overwhelmed when decorating your dorm,” she said. “Students can slowly add items as the semester goes and even find bargains along the way.”

She said basic pieces such as dry erase boards and string lights bring life to a plain room. Braunlich said writing and hanging one’s favorite quotes is another easy do-it-yourself project at no cost.